Project: WIXOSS

In Japan there exists a trading card game called WIXOSS (pronounced: we cross).  It is your basic card battle game.  You have a main card called your LRIG that you grow as the game continues.  You have SIGNI which are summoned based on your LRIG.  You can use ARTS which you can use to change the battle at a critical moment.  And you have a Life Cloth, whenever you lose all of you Life Cloth, you lose.

There is an official WIXOSS video game in Japan only but I wanted to create something a little more accessible and easily updateable.  Plus, this is my “big project”.  I suspect it will take some time to get the game working, then make it look nice.  But I want this to be the project that I look back on and say “Wow, I did this.”

At this time I am at such a loss for how to begin programming this.  I need to make a rules engine that knows who’s turn it is, when to draw cards, when a player can or can not do something, account for abilities of cards.  It seems very daunting.

Then there is the whole “programming every single card into the game thing”.  Which might be the easier part but will certainly take some time.

I believe I need to make everything in the game an object. The different zones on the field are objects.  Each card is it’s own object.  Are card effects objects? That’s a lot of objects.  The reasoning for this is that should a rule suddenly change, or a new mechanic be added to the game, I wont have to rewrite the code in each card to account for it.

I am not sure how to go about writing each card.  Do I have a database of the different cards?  I have also seen a suggestion to use a scripting language like LUA to make each card.  Which is interesting, and I think I’ll do that!

Currently, I have a few menus made for this game in Unity and I have a collection of most all of the images for all the cards in the game.  I have a design document but no game code has been written yet.  I’ll keep looking into where to begin until I have a solid starting point.

Minimally, I would like for this game to be a two player game over the internet.  Ideally, I would have a single player mode similar to the old Yu-Gi-Oh games where you start with one deck, then you battle characters and win money to buy packs to get cards to make better decks.  However, those are more stretch or long term goals.

As for releasing the game, I probably wont due to legal reasons of not being associated with WIXOSS but who knows.  In fact there is already a WIXOSS fan made downloadable game out there.  But it’s not as fancy as my ambitious little project.  I am literally just doing this one for fun and my portfolio.  Expect more posts about WIXOSS the actually card game, and the development of this game in the future!


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